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We Have The Two Fastest Cars Around The Nürburgring For Sale

Can you believe it? The two fastest production cars at the same place!

Of all production and street-legal vehicles, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and Porsche 911 GT2 RS is the fastest around ‘The Ring.’ We have both of them for sale at 1220 W Coast Hwy. The Lamborghini is slightly faster by 2 seconds and 28 milliseconds – these two vehicles wrote history when racing around the almost 13 miles long track in Germany. Together they produce almost 1500 HP! Read more about them here.

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Also confused by all the Porsche 911 models? This is your quick guide

GTS, GT3, GT-what? This is your guide to the Porsche Model Range.

A lot have happened since Porsche was founded in 1931 in Stuttgart – a lot of Porsche models have happened. The legendary 911 model came to life in 1963, and still being produced to his day with the release of the 992 series.
Right now you can buy 24 different versions of the 911. So it’s understandable if it’s all a bit confusion choosing if you  are on the lookout for a Porsche. This guide might help you!
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Ever wanted to have Model S, 3 or X? Now is your chance.

At Phillips Auto you can now buy pre-owned Tesla S, 3 and X models.

We have any model you might desire, The S, 3 and X. The latest years  Tesla have pushed the boundaries of what the car industry have to offer. Tesla’s first mass-market all-electric car was launched back in 2012. Until the release of the Model S, electric cars weren’t thought of as a competitive alternativ to the gasoline powered vehicles – not many still have those believes today, which is understandable. We are therefore here at Phillips Auto in Newport Beach pleased to offer a wide range of the Tesla Models.
So if you ever wanted to try  S, 3 or X with a model? This is your chance – your wife might not like it.
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The New Toys In The Showroom


The latest week here at 1220 West Coast Highway have been crazy. We just got a bunch of wild cars in our inventory, and we are thrilled to show you! So if you like supercars – you might find these vehicle intersting. These aren’t you normal sportscars. These are all about performance. This is the best from the world of speed.

There’s the cars we are so exited about:

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