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Ever wanted to have Model S, 3 or X? Now is your chance.

At Phillips Auto you can now buy pre-owned Tesla S, 3 and X models.

We have any model you might desire, The S, 3 and X. The latest years  Tesla have pushed the boundaries of what the car industry have to offer. Tesla’s first mass-market all-electric car was launched back in 2012. Until the release of the Model S, electric cars weren’t thought of as a competitive alternativ to the gasoline powered vehicles – not many still have those believes today, which is understandable. We are therefore here at Phillips Auto in Newport Beach pleased to offer a wide range of the Tesla Models.
So if you ever wanted to try  S, 3 or X with a model? This is your chance – your wife might not like it.
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Why is Tesla so Popular

This Tesla Frenzy Has Been Getting Pretty Crazy

Why is Tesla so Popular?

Unless you have been living under a rock this past year, you have probably read or heard something about Tesla, the California based electric car company. Tesla has been doing some truly revolutionary work, and has seemed to single handedly revitalize the electric car industry that looked to be hanging on by life support just a few years ago. Now, there are thousands that have signed up for a vehicle that won’t be out for another year, and it has left many wondering “Why is Tesla so popular?” and how have they grown so fast in such a small amount of time. Read the rest of this entry >>