Ever wanted to have Model S, 3 or X? Now is your chance.

At Phillips Auto you can now buy pre-owned Tesla S, 3 and X models.

We have any model you might desire, The S, 3 and X. The latest years  Tesla have pushed the boundaries of what the car industry have to offer. Tesla’s first mass-market all-electric car was launched back in 2012. Until the release of the Model S, electric cars weren’t thought of as a competitive alternativ to the gasoline powered vehicles – not many still have those believes today, which is understandable. We are therefore here at Phillips Auto in Newport Beach pleased to offer a wide range of the Tesla Models.
So if you ever wanted to try  S, 3 or X with a model? This is your chance – your wife might not like it.

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The 3 Used Tesla Models

2014 Tesla Model S

This all-electric luxury car is what made Tesla what it is today. When this first came out in 2012 it redefined the definition of a car. Tesla made it relatively painless to switch to this electric car from a more conventional one with its usable range and ability to charge quickly and often. So if you thought electric cars were all environmental piety and no fun, this Tesla Model S will quickly make you reconsider.



2018 Tesla Model 3 

With its older brother, the Model S, the smaller Model 3 got a lot to live up to. This five-seater sedan is about the size of a 3-series and have a range of 325 miles fully charged. The vehicle was launched in July 2017, and therefore not any available on the used market. The model just became the all-time best-selling plug-in electric car in the U.S – with good reason.




2017 Tesla Model X

It looks like a spaceship. One thing that is for sure, is that it’s a perfect family car. This seven-seater comes with falcon-wing doors, a huge panoramic windscreen, supernatural power and a whole catalogue of party tricks make the car look and feel like it has just landed from Mars.

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